New Institutions Transition Assistance Program (NITAP)

In 1993, the Commission of Correction established the New Institutions Transition Assistance Program (NITAP) to assist counties in the transition process to a new facility or addition. NITAP staff provide various forms of assistance including on-site assessments of facility transition efforts, review of construction designs, and staffing analysis. Assistance is provided directly by NITAP staff or indirectly through a network local, state, and federal agencies often arranged by NITAP staff.

NITAP involvement begins in the early stages of capital projects, in which jurisdictions are encouraged to arrange for participation in a "Planning Of New Institutions" (PONI) training program, developed and delivered by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). The program focuses on pre-architectural and architectural programming, and site evaluation for a new facility or addition.

Another NITAP focus is training for new institutions, which includes Direct Supervision, Inter-Personal Communication (IPC), and other transition related training. The SCOC collaborated with county trainers to develop a 40-hour Direct Supervision train-the-trainer program. (Trainers from Broome, Jefferson, Oneida, Onondaga Sheriff's Department, Onondaga Department of Corrections, Oswego and Rensselaer assisted in writing and developing lesson plans for this course).

Jurisdictions contemplating construction of new correctional facilities or significant expansion of existing facilities will find it very helpful to participate in two other training programs offered by the National Institute of Corrections, the Pre-HONI and HONI programs. The Pre-HONI, Pre-How to Open a New Institution program, helps local jurisdictions understand the critical areas of the transition process and details the resources needed to ensure a safe and efficient transition. The program clarifies the role and function of the transition team, as well as developing an overall plan for accomplishing all transition related objectives. Jurisdictions should arrange for this program no later than 18-24 months before occupying a new facility. The HONI program, an acronym of the name How to Open a New Institution, provides officials with the skills needed to accomplish transition objectives. The program focuses on areas such as mission statement, scenario, policy and procedure and post order development, action planning and move logistics. Such training has proven invaluable to jurisdictions in New York and throughout the nation.

NITAP has also established a collection of resource materials (e.g., literature on transitioning and direct supervision, inmate orientation videos). These materials are available to counties upon request. For further information on NITAP, you can contact the Commission by E-Mail at or by calling (518) 485-2346.

For a more detailed look at NITAP information on the transition process, including Policy and Procedures, Post Orders and other information, NITAP information.

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