Incarcerated Individual Mortality Reports

Please note that the Incarcerated Individual Mortality Reports have been redacted to protect medical, mental health, and other confidential information.  All Reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To obtain a free version of Adobe Acrobat, click here.

County Jails

Nassau CCC
Vazquez Jr., Julio (DOD 9/26/19)

Seneca CJ
Barnes, Loyd (DOD 3/31/20) 

Westchester DOC
McNicholas, Milton (DOD 7/30/19)


McClure, LeBarnes (DOD 11/23/19)
McPeck, David (DOD 8/27/18)


Attica CF
Fort, Antwoine (DOD 11/29/18)
Utter, Larry (DOD 2/1/19)

Elmira CF
McCowen, Lawrence (DOD 7/13/18)

Gowanda CF
Farley, James (DOD 8/17/19)

Great Meadow CF
Judge, Gilbert (DOD 1/24/20)
Ligfhty, Jamel (DOD 1/1/20)

Greene CF
Myrie, Anthony (DOD 2/11/19)

Mohawk CF
Braun, Charles (DOD 7/17/18)

Shawangunk CF
Booker, Jamel (DOD 3/5/19)

Woodbourne CF
Moxley, Xavier (DOD 12/14/18)

Police Lockups