Allen Riley, Chairman
Thomas Loughren, Commissioner

Mission Statement

The New York State Commission of Correction has a mission to provide for a safe, stable and humane correctional system in New York State. To this end, the Commission:

  • Promulgates minimum standards for the management of correctional facilities;
  • Evaluates, investigates and oversees local and state correctional facilities and police lock-ups;
  • Assists in developing new correctional facilities; and
  • Provides technical assistance.

Notice: On January 14, 2019, the New York State Commission of Correction (SCOC) filed a Notice of Proposed Rule Making with the Department of State. The proposed rule creates a new Part 7075, as well as creates new sections and amends current regulations of Title 9 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR). The purpose of the proposed rule is to require local correctional facilities to record, review and report inmate cell confinement and essential service deprivation. Below please find links to the Notice of Proposed Rule Making, the full text of the rule, and all other corresponding promulgation statements and analyses.

Notice of Proposed Rule Making

Text of Rule

Summary of Text

Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS)

Regulatory Flexibility Analysis (RFA)

Rural Area Flexibility Analysis (RAFA)

Job Impact Statement (JIS)

Commissioners’ Biographies

Commission Organization and History

Reasonable Accommodation Policy in Six Languages