Inside of jail or lockup facility

Incarcerated Mortality Reports


The Medical Review Board (MRB) investigates deaths of incarcerated individuals in correctional facilities within the state and makes recommendations for improving the delivery of health care to detainees and sentenced offenders.  The Commission has issued the following reports related to mortality investigations.

Please note that the reports have been redacted to protect medical, mental health, and other confidential information.

County Jail

Albany County Jail

Bishop, Brian (DOD 10/31/21)

Leonard, Ahliek (DOD 6/25/22)


Broome County Jail

Lindow, Mitchell (DOD 11/4/22)

Loori, Branden (DOD 6/13/22)


Cattaraugus County Jail

Abrams, Brett (DOD 2/1/22)
Chase, Franklin (DOD 5/2/21)
Foster, David (DOD 8/28/22)

Wilson, James (DOD 5/18/22)


Cayuga County Jail

Williams, Fred (DOD 11/25/22)


Chautauqua County Jail

Maybee, Andrew (DOD 12/7/22)

Rivera, Louis (DOD 7/26/21)
Rivera-Perez, Jose (DOD 9/7/21)

Chemung County Jail

Blaney, Doug (DOD 1/7/23)

Epps, Edward (DOD 1/17/23)

Haithcox, Tabitha (DOD 4/16/20)


Chenango County Jail

Button, Dillin (DOD 3/17/21)

Heisler, Jason (DOD 2/2/23)


Clinton County Jail

Murray, Steven (DOD 9/10/21)


Erie County Holding Center

Ellis, James (DOD 11/30/21)

Frears, Michael (DOD 3/13/21)


Herkimer County Jail

Soldato, Marie (DOD 3/19/22)


Nassau County Correctional Center

Campbell, James (DOD 11/10/21)
Vazquez Jr., Julio (DOD 9/26/19)


Niagara County Jail

Cheek, Leroy (DOD 2/27/22)

Greenway, Stephen (DOD 1/22/23)

Joyes, Jeffrey (DOD 10/23/21)

Sanchez, Tremaine (DOD 12/30/22)


Onondaga Justice Center

Byrd, Cheree (Infant Girl Ayanna Byrd) (DOD 8/2/22)

Gilooly, Kevin (DOD 1/9/21)
Peng, Angela (DOD 9/6/21)
Watkins, Paul (DOD 12/17/21)


Oneida County Jail

Bonanza, Terra (DOD 4/22/21)
Pierce, Ronald (DOD 8/9/21)


Ontario County Jail

Fontaine, Jon (DOD 11/4/21)


Orange County Jail

Conklin, Troy (DOD 6/10/21)

Mack, Ricky (DOD 1/16/22)


Otsego County Jail

Pawlowski, Stephen (DOD 6/19/21)

Walley, Joseph (DOD 5/1/22)


Rockland County Jail

Jacinto-Martinez, Ferdy (DOD 7/25/19)
Mendez, Jason (DOD 8/6/20)


Seneca County Jail

Barnes, Loyd (DOD 3/31/20)


Saratoga County Jail

Nguyen, Dung (DOD 4/19/21)


Suffolk County Jail

Miller, John (DOD 12/26/20)


Tioga County Jail

Jones, David (DOD 4/15/22)


Westchester Department of Corrections

McNicholas, Milton (DOD 7/30/19)
Neville, Bryce (DOD 2/1/20)

Wallace, Michael (DOD 10/2/22)

NYC Department of Correction

NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Albion Correction Facility

Jackson, Andrea (DOD 1/2/21)


Auburn Correctional Facility

Dennis, Patrick (DOD 12/6/18)

Perez, Andres (DOD 10/01/20)

Wilson, Jermaine (DOD 3/10/20)


Attica Correctional Facility

DeProspero, Stephen (DOD 1/3/20)

Fort, Antwoine (DOD 11/29/18)

Parker, James (DOD 9/28/20)

Utter, Larry (DOD 2/1/19)


Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

Liverpool, Melanie (DOD 5/8/19)

Verga, Krista (DOD 11/21/19)


Cape Vincent Correctional Facility

Fernandez, Jose (DOD 12/19/19)


Clinton Correctional Facility

Hernandez, Jose (DOD 6/27/19)

Loeser, Eric (DOD 3/25/19)

Snipes, David (DOD 11/3/20)


Coxsackie Correctional Facility

Joseph, Jeremy (DOD 4/7/21)


Downstate Correctional Facility

Green, Sean (DOD 10/27/20)


Elmira Correctional Facility

Bush, Timothy (DOD 11/1/21)

Felder, David (7/22/20)

Jones, Andre (DOD 9/4/19)

Kingsley, David (DOD 8/11/21)

Li, Jingzh (DOD 4/14/22)

McCowen, Lawrence (DOD 7/13/18)

McGinnis, Billy (DOD 12/20/19)

Morgan, Joshua (DOD 7/27/19)

Muon, Saroeun (DOD 11/28/21)

Rochelin, Kenny (DOD 3/6/21)

Rodriguez-Quinones, Isaac (DOD 8/14/20)

Rose, Daniel (DOD 2/18/21)

Same, Colin (DOD 4/12/19)

Sergio, Nathaniel (DOD 5/22/22)


Fishkill Correctional Facility

Moore, Andrew (DOD 4/15/21)

Williams, James (DOD 4/9/20)


Five Points Correctional Facility

Horning, Samantha (DOD 1/29/20)

Pena, Miguel (DOD 10/19/18)

Wright, Richard (DOD 11/4/20)


Gowanda Correctional Facility

Farley, James (DOD 8/17/19)


Great Meadow Correctional Facility

Cintrone, Niiamarte (DOD 4/4/20)

Johnson, Rashawn (DOD 11/11/20)

Judge, Gilbert (DOD 1/24/20)

Ligfhty, Jamel (DOD 1/1/20)

Rivera, Angel (DOD 11/10/20)

Vellon, Raffin (DOD 10/2/20)

Wilson, Daniel (DOD 8/6/19)


Greene Correctional Facility

Myrie, Anthony (DOD 2/11/19)

Ortiz, David (DOD 11/7/19)

Tanner, Delmus (DOD 11/13/18)


Green Haven Correctional Facility

Angulo, Saul (DOD 9/1/20)

Augustine, Travis (DOD 10/27/20)

Dattore, Gaetano (DOD 12/12/19)

Durso, Robert (DOD 11/16/21

Geroyianis, Louis (DOD 8/18/20)

Glanda, Jeffery (DOD 8/14/19)

Malaussena, John (DOD 6/28/21)

Resnick, Michael (DOD 5/28/20)

Rosas, Abel (DOD 8/28/21)

Velez, Gregory (DOD 11/18/20)


Mid-State Correctional Facility

Bunce, Kiernan (DOD 2/20/20)

Cruz, Elmo (DOD 1/21/20)

Graziano, Ommy (DOD 7/14/19)

Kim, Su (DOD 8/24/21)

Spells, Samuel (DOD 6/18/19)


Mohawk Correctional Facility

Braun, Charles (DOD 7/17/18)


Shawangunk Correctional Facility

Booker, Jamel (DOD 3/5/19)


Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Escobar, Ramon (DOD 4/21/20)

Ezquerdo, Tommy (DOD 8/15/20)

Peccerillo, Giovanni (DOD 5/30/19

Slattery, Corey (DOD 10/8/21)


Wende Correctional Facility

Constas, Steve (DOD 10/6/20)

Freeman, Kaazim (DOD 9/6/19)


Woodbourne Correctional Facility

Moxley, Xavier (DOD 12/14/18)

Local Lockups