Contact Information for the NYS Commission of Correction

The New York State Commission of Correction is located at:

Alfred E. Smith State Office Building
80 South Swan Street, 12th Floor
Albany, New York 12210

The phone number for the Commission is:

(518) 485-2346

The Commission's Fax number is:

(518) 485-2467

The Commission does not accept the following via E-mail:

  • Requests for investigations
  • Job applications
  • Complaints
  • Requests to locate inmates (state inmates may be located using the DOCCS web-site at
  • Requests for Legal Opinions
  • Requests for Minimum Standard Interpretation

Also, please be aware that the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision ( is the agency that is in charge of the state prison system, and that most questions and records concerning state inmates, state prisons, programs for state inmates, good time calculations and other similar matters are handled by DOCCS, and not the Commission, which is the regulatory oversight agency. As such, please be sure that any E-mails are addressed to the proper agency.

Comments and/or suggestions regarding this site should be submitted to the webmaster at the Commission at