About the Commission of Correction

Our Mission

The Commission of Correction's mission is to provide for a safe, stable and humane correctional system in New York State. To this end, the Commission:

  • Promulgates minimum standards for the management of correctional facilities;
  • Evaluates, investigates and oversees local and state correctional facilities and police lock-ups;
  • Assists in developing new correctional facilities; and
  • Provides technical assistance.

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Chairman, State Commission of Correction
Allen Riley

Allen Riley has been a member of the Commission since June 2017. Prior to joining the Commission, he served as Madison County Sheriff for more than seven years. As sheriff, he headed an agency with more than 160 employees among five divisions: Corrections, Criminal, Narcotics, Civil and Pistol Permit. He also oversaw the Madison County Child Advocacy Center, which investigates child physical and sexual abuse cases.
State Commission on Correction Chairman Riley

Commission Board and Council

Commission Meetings
The Commission meets monthly and as needed to discuss matters related to local and state correction facilities and police department lock ups, including variances, maximum facility capacity, proposed changes in regulations, construction projects, and death investigations, among other matters.
Contact the Commission of Correction
Alfred E. Smith State Office Building
80 South Swan St., 12th Floor
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: (518) 485-2346
Fax: (518) 485-2467